Skagen Watches

Have you ever walked into a department store looking for a watch and been a little disappointed by what you found? How about searching around a mall or various watch specialty shops? I’ve been there, when I graduated college a few years ago I wanted to get myself a nice watch. Not any watch but something that looked nice, that could be special to me. I grew frustrated after searching in stores.

Yes I found a few nice Invictas and yes there were a few actually cool brand watches. But I didn’t want something ordinary, I wanted something different, something that had presence. I also didn’t have the money to spend on something super nice, Omegas and the like were well out of my budget.

Skagen Silver Holst Stainless Steel Strap Watch

This brings me to my friend Chris who had just gotten back from military leave. We went out for wings and some sports to celebrate his return when I looked at his wrist and saw an awesome watch. It was a Skagen SKW6053 “Ancher”. It looked classy, well stated, and brought attention to itself without being loud.

Shocked I asked him where he got it, he got it in Europe, you see Skagen’s come out of Denmark. I went online and looked at the selection available and there I found my graduation watch. If you’re looking for something understated yet classy than this is the brand for you.


The watch has your usual quartz movement. The plus here is that you don’t need to wind it every day and you don’t have to worry about it needing routine maintenance. The downside is if you love watches like I do you’re missing the spark of an automatic.

To be honest though I find that I like a lot of watches this way. Quartz watches that I own tend to get worn more, it’s easier to just throw one on when you’re out the door.

What does this mean? Skagen in my opinion make some of the best every day nice watches available. You don’t have to worry about putting it on a special rotating watch stand, and you don’t have to worry about it being on time. I recommend getting this watch if this is what you’re after, I’ve come to love mine much more than most of my old Timex daily wearers.

Skagen Metal Band Watch

Mesh Strap Watches

Something cool that you’ll find Skagen watches have is they almost all come with mesh straps. This gives them a cool euro feel that most watches don’t really have. What I really think is cool is that they have nice clasps, you don’t feel like you have a cheap brand based watch that you bought in the local department store. Instead everything fits together well and smoothly.

The other benefit of mesh straps are that they are trendy right now. People will take notice of your watch and will make comments, it’s bound to happen. I like th

em since I don’t have to mess around

with links. The worst part about buying a new watch is the time it takes for me to take out links to fit my wrist. Sure it’s a short job but sometimes I’m impatient.

Leather Strap Watches

The leather on Skagen watches is top notch and definitely feels that way. If you’ve ever gotten a cheap watch with cheap straps you’ll know exactly what I mean when I

say that things can go very wrong with less expensive watches.

The first thing you’ll notice when you get one of these watches is that the leather actually smells like leather, not fake plastic. This means that you don’t have to do any of those weird “put it in the fridge to get rid of the smell” tricks. Seriously, that’s a thing with cheaper watches. Instead you have a fine watch right out of the box.

This does mean that you may want to buy some cheap leather care from Amazon. I apply leather care to my band about once a year depending on how often I wear the watch. This keeps it looking nice all the time and keeps the watch in great shape. After all, time is money so why not take care of your time piece?

Skagen Leather Wrist Watch Mens

Skagen Dress Watches

Skagen really makes some beautiful dress watches. If you’re looking for some good ones here are some that I would recommend.

Skagen Men’s SKW6086 “Holst” Stainless Steel Watch – The one I have linked to here has the brown leather. This is a great looking watch that can be used every day or as a dress watch. If you’re looking for something versatile this is right up your alley.

Skagen Hagen Leather Watch – This is one of my favorite watches, seriously look at it, it’s beautiful! I love the month counter, it looks nice without making the watch face too busy. The band is perfect and the dials all look clean and elegant. There is nothing flashy here, just a good looking watch.

Skagen Men’s SKW6187 Stainless Steel Wash with Mesh Bracelet – I love this watch, I lofe the fact that it’s mesh. I also love the blue accents on the watch. It brings out some color without looking annoying or obnoxious. This is a great watch if you’re looking for one that gets noticed and compliments. Without people asking why your watch is so big.

Skagen Klassik Men’s Three Hand Leather Watch – Just like the name of the watch says this is a classic watch. It has a clean face and a nice blue second hand. I would recommend this watch if you’re looking for something that is clean and elegant. A perfect watch, there’s one with a black band and orange second hand that you can view here.

Skagen Casual Watches

Skagen also makes some very interesting casual watches. These watches look great and are best for nice casual outfits. I’ve worn mine with everything from just a t shirt to a nice sweater in the winter. These watches are versatile.

Skagen Men’s ‘Rungsted’ – Wow what a watch. This thing looks great and goes with just about anything. I love the squareish design that sets it apart, but the simple elegance of the dial makes it look rugged without appearing overly large.

Skagen Holst Multifunction Leather Watch – This is a good looking watch and rugged as well. I love the color of the band as well as the way the watch face looks. This is perfect if you want something more rugged with a classic watch shape.

Skagen Rungsted Leather Watch – This is of course similar to the first watch listed here. I like the white face and black band. This is a great watch if you want something that looks classic but still sporty.


So are Skagen watches a good buy? In my opinion they completely are. These are perfect watches if you want something that looks great, understated and has great value. These aren’t great watches if you’re looking for something over the top or flashy though. These watches are instead meant for someone who wants to be a part of something special, without shouting it out to everyone.