Nixon watches, they’ve been around for awhile and are generally one of the first brands that budding watch enthusiasts take a look at when they want to upgrade from one of their basic Casio’s or Timex’s. The other people that are generally looking into these watches are outdoor enthusiasts who want something stylish and rugged. Last time I was out surfing in California I was surprised to see so many of these watches, this made a lot more sense once I learned that the company is based out of California, still they seemed to handle the ocean water rather well.

So what are you getting in a Nixon watch? Well that really depends, you see Nixon makes a wide variety of watches that hit quite a few different price ranges. These watches range from prices of $100 up to $2,000 and the actual design of the watches vary alot depending on the price. As such we are going to break up this review into a few different sections to see which, if any, Nixon watch is right for you.

Nixon Time Teller Watch Black Matte

Nixon Time Teller Watch

All-time best-seller (see lowest price) with an unpretentious, versatile appearance that works anywhere anytime.



Nixon Spring Summer Watch Review

The majority of Nixon watches fall into a “cheap category” and when I say cheap I mean between $200 to $400. These watches are generally quartz watches and made out of decent to pretty good material. (Here’s an example) Quartz watches for those of you who don’t know are watches that contain a battery. Various watch “enthusiasts” or “snobs” may look down on you for having a quartz. However, I believe that a beautiful design is what makes the watch, and if you can’t afford an expensive automatic a nice beautiful quartz watch will definitely fit the bill.

So the question is, are Nixon watches worth their price? Well first off I can tell you that just like most quartz watches they are reliable, they will always keep time for you and generally won’t slow down at all. However a Timex or Casio will do these for you as well at a much lower cost.

So what makes a Nixon watch different? There are two things that make these watches different, one are the unique designs. Nixon watches plain and simple just look good. They are made of higher quality material and it shows. If you’re going to a business interview or on a nice date you don’t have to worry about your watch looking cheap or like an old casio calculator watch. This is one of the big selling points of these watches to fans.

Nixon Men's Sentry Movement Watch

Nixon Men’s A105 Sentry 42mm Stainless Steel Leather Quartz Movement Watch

This classically styled watch (see lowest price) features 3 hand movements as well as a date window, making it is as functional as it is stylish.


The other plus of the material is as mentioned above the ruggedness. If you like to go outdoors, hiking, rock climbing, than you may want to consider a Nixon watch. You see I have a Citizen watch as well as a Nixon watch, but I would never dare to take my Citizen watch out rock climbing or hiking, while my Nixon can go with me just about anywhere. That’s not to say the Citizen is bad, it’s just to say that the Nixon has a very different purpose which will be useful to anyone looking for a watch they can take with them through the outdoors. This includes waterproofness as well, if you need a nice looking watch that you can take out snorkeling with you, you can find a lot of nice Nixons that will do the job.


Nixon Black Watch Review

Nixon watches have a lot of unique designs that you won’t find on other watches. When I wear a Nixon I feel like I belong to a special club, I don’t look at other watches and see them with similar styles. That’s not to say that the styles are radically different, they are still tasteful, yet they are unique in some cool ways.

If you want to see a good example check out their Chrono Time Teller Kylo Ren watch. Most “fad” watches like these I really try to stear away from but this one in my mind is just cool. It doesn’t scream star wars, in fact if you didn’t explain it to anyone they probably wouldn’t know. But it looks different, unique, and as the owner of the watch you can know that not many other people have a classy watch that stands out, yet is related to Star Wars of all things.

Some other great examples of unique Nixon watches are their Time Teller pieces. Personally I love these as they look sleek, classy, and they don’t have a cheap bracelet feel to them that so many other watches in this price range seem to have. At $70 a piece I would say that they are a steal of a deal for a classy yet rugged dress watch.

Nixon Mens Newton Watch

Nixon Newton Watch – Men’s

Custom (see lowest price) 30 meter molded polycarbonate with hardened mineral crystal. One piece custom injected silicone with patented locking looper and poly carbonate buckle.



Nixon gold watches are surprisingly nice, I find that most watches around this price range tend to let me down. The gold looks nice, and so far none of the plating has come off my watch, and I’ve had it for a few years now. I have the all gold Chrono Nixon watch which is definitely a bit more flashy than the types of watches most people like to wear. Still if you’re looking for a nice gold watch I would suggest checking out a few Nixons.

Another great example is the Nixon cannon watch. These watches are gorgeous, they look amazing and they can be bought for a great price. My favorite part is how thin the actual watch is, always as the quality of the band and the face of the watch. It will definitely turn some heads but won’t be too ostentatious.

Nixon the Cannon Watch

Nixon The Cannon Unisex Gold Plated Watch

It’s a watch (see lowest price) with a fuse, upfront and immediate good-looks, with simple, direct lines in 100 meter stainless steel.