Nixon Gold Watches

Which Nixon gold watch is the best? This is a good question, and one which a lot of people have asked me. Before we can answer this though let me ask you a very important question.

Why do you want a gold watch?

Are you looking for something you can wear to business meetings that will stand out? Is this a casual watch? Something you want to wear with a t-shirt and jeans but that you want to stand out a bit. Looking for something flashy to bring to the club?

Let me tell you something before we dive into each individual watch. Gold watches attract attention. There are two types of watches I can wear that I know people will comment on, a Roles, and a gold nixon watch. Be prepared for comments, for people to tell you “nice watch” or people to stare at the watch on your wrist. If you aren’t looking for something that stands out a bit then this is the wrong type of watch for you. This does not mean that it can’t be an elegant and classy watch, it just means that you better be ready for some comments. However, if you’re looking for a watch that is bound to receive compliments than you’re in the right place.

A luxurious watch is a fantastic addition to any wardrobe. Gold is the clear choice when you are looking for opulence, whether you are shopping for rings, pens, or timepieces. Gold watches are the perfect places to start if you are looking for a wristwatch that will increase in value. Reward yourself with a gold watch or buy watches with gold accents to give as gifts. A watch is something you will wear every day for many years, so make sure that you shop for valuable women’s watches and durable men’s watches. If you need more convincing, consider our best reasons to buy a gold watch.

Buying a Gold Watch

Something clicks when you hit 30: Maybe it’s the six pack that turns into a keg or the few gray hairs that pop up in your hair or beard. But something clicks and, those yellow gold watches that for the longest time, you only had a passing disinterest in, start to look very cool even distinguished. Something changes that makes gold watches attractive even to those who had disavowed them years before.

There are some qualities in gold watches for men that stand out when looking for the right choice. Let’s discuss a few:

Unrivaled ValueThe gold watches for men or gold watches for women you buy today could easily be worth a lot more when you pass it on to your son or daughter. Many people believe gold can be a bit pricey (spoiler alert: it can) but it is always worth the investment. Gold tends to grow in value as time passes; When deciding which nixon gold watch to buy, be sure to buy one that will last for many years or decades. Gold accessories that are hundreds of years old are still being worn today.

Impressive Gifts: To give gold is a fabulous surprise on any birthday or gift-giving holiday. People have been saying “I love you” with gold for centuries. If you’re looking for a great gift in gold, consider giving gold watches. Celebrate your relationships with the metal that stands the test of time.

Unmatched Aesthetic: Real gold can’t be imitated. A watch that is accented with gold or a rose gold watch made entirely out of the precious metal will seem to glow under any light. Whether you opt for gold watches for men and gold watches for women accented with gold, a gold wristwatch is a stunning accessory.

Our Nixon Gold Watch Picks

Below we’ve made our personal list of Nixon gold watches that we love and that we think you would love too. Let us know what you think.

Nixon Men’s 51-30 All Gold Watch

gold nixon watch

If you’re looking for a watch that will get you noticed than this is the one you’re looking for, you don’t really need to look much further. This watch is large, it’s a chrono, and it’s all gold. The watch is 51mm! I don’t own a single watch that really comes close to this size.

The watch feels solid and has a Miyota Japanese quartz movement which means it’s never going to die on you. The sub dials are textured and break up the watch in a pleasing way while the white date display draws attention to itself. The watch is also a dive watch, hence the 300 meter underneath Nixon, so it’s perfect for anyone looking for a flashy dive watch.

What are the downsides? This isn’t a perfect dress watch, it’s too big and definitely not understated. But if you’re looking for something flashy, well then this is the one!

Nixon Men’s A35610 Sentry SS Watch

nixon watches for men

I like this watch because it is so striking, yet it’s classy as well. The contrast between the gold and black is stunning and immediately catches the eye. You will receive compliments on this watch but it’s thin enough to go with any nice dress suit.

The watch is simple, which is perfect if you’re looking for an elegant dress watch, the dial is not super busy but the highlights really make it stand out. Look at the hands on this thing! They’re amazing, against the black they really stand out, this is one of my favorite dress watches and a must buy if you’re looking for something nice to go with your suit. If you don’t like the black take a look through the available colors, the green face is rather striking as well.

This watch is water resistant, it’s not a dive watch but like all Nixon watches it will take a beating, you won’t have to worry about it.

Nixon Time Teller Watch All Gold

gold nixon watch

This watch defines the word classy. (My favorite nixon gold watch of this bunch) Unlike the above Sentry watch this watch instead is rather understated. That doesn’t mean people will not notice it, no the all gold will ensure you get attention, but the watch itself look completely elegant. The thin markers, the thin hands, the Nixon logo which is rather understated as well, everything about this watch exudes classy.

This watch is a Miyota movement like all Nixon’s so it’s reliable and on time. This watch also comes with a green face but to be honest I’m not a big fan, the gold looks amazing on this watch and you won’t be disappointed.

Nixon Men’s Sentry SS SW C-3P0

nixon sentry

This watch is part of Nixon’s star wars line of gold watches. As far as gold watches go this one really is outstanding. The colors that are woven together really stand out but the gold makes the watch feel high quality and classy. It’s really rare to find a watch with this much color, and most watches with this much color feel and look very cheap.

The watch is a casual watch due to the color, but thanks to its thin nature it makes a great dress watch as well. While this wouldn’t be considered an elegant watch it’s a lot of fun to wear and really an eye catcher, if you’re looking for something unique than this is the watch for you.

Nixon The Cannon A160502


The Cannon is an amazing eye catching watch, and seeing this watch in gold is just breathtaking. Remember earlier when I said that you better be ready for attention with a gold watch? This watch is another example of something that will get comments.

The matte gold color really is what makes this watch breathtaking. It’s hard to explain and you’d have to see it in person. The simplicity of the watch combined with the attention to detail is really incredible. The watch is big so be warned if you have a small wrist, otherwise if you’re looking for a big dress watch than this is the one for you. A true nixon gold watch!


All Gold The Small Kensington

gold mens watch

If the Cannon was too big for you than the Kensington is what you need to take a look at. The watch has the same matte gold look to it but is much smaller and has a more elegant appeal to it. I personally love small watches like this, I feel like they add to my outfits rather than control them.

The watch is rather heavy, it has a strong Miyota movement like the other Nixon’s and keeps great time. It is well built and will last, it’s definitely a great deal for the money.


Nixon the Player Men’s Watch

nixon the player gold

This is a great example of what a true gold nixon watch is like. I have a soft spot for square watches thanks to my Grandpa who used to own a rather small square golden watch. This watch is great, the diamond in the middle gives it a bit of bling but it still looks understated and classy.

My favorite part about this watch is the attention to detail. I worry about watches with any type of diamond in them since often they can look rather cheap. This watch however gives the appearance of being much more expensive than it is. Every detail is well planned out and it really shows. If you want a nice dress watch I’d definitely give this one a look. 

Nixon Men’s ‘Banks

nixon banks watch

Very similar to the Player Men’s watch but a dual time movement with a black face. The black face makes the gold stand out and the dials really look incredible. Once again it’s the attention to detail that makes this watch stand out. If you’re looking for something unique yet elegant than take a look at this one. It’s not a huge watch, instead its small size yet unique design grabs attention without having to be a large presence on your wrist.


That’s my complete write up about the great nixon gold watch and it’s different types. I hope you enjoyed it and that it’s helped make your decision about which watch to buy a little easier. Vintage watches in gold simply make sense from an economic standpoint; there’s no debate about it. And, if you’re like me and getting a little bigger in the midsection, grayer in the hair, and more weathered in the face, a bit of golden sheen doesn’t hurt. Right? Each watch links to amazon which usually has the best prices for these watches and can get delivered right to your door!

Are you looking for our nixon watch review? I talk about a much wider range of nixon watches there, not just gold nixon watches.

Until next time!