Are Invicta Watches Good?

Are Invicta watches great? When they are looking for an ideal wristwatch, this is the concern many of our readers  ask us. In this short article, we will just discuss about the Invicta watch brandРhow excellent are Invicta watches?

How Great Are Invicta Watches?

Simply put, if you are looking for the watches under $1000 range, Invicta is the among the very best watch brand names. If you are willing to pay 5-figure price for a watch, then you can always go for the higher end high-end watch brand names such as Omega or Rolex.

Are Invicta Watches Good? Top 5 Watches Examined

Before we see whether are Invicta sees bad or great, let’s have a look at some of the best watches from Invicta collection. We have assembled and evaluated the top 5 bestseller guys’s watches by the brand. Let us discuss them one by one:

#1: Invicta Men’s 8926 Pro Scuba diver Collection Automatic WatchInvicta Diver Collection Watch

The Invicta 8926 Pro Scuba diver watch is a must for every professional scuba diver. It features Japanese automatic motion and doesn’t need battery power. Simply use it and it will instantly get powered with your arm’s motion. At under $100 this watch offers the very best value for money.

Invicta Pro Scuba diver collection watches are known for their stylishly classic design and remarkable water resistance. This automatic-winding watch comes in a manly appearance. The stylish retro design is ideal for the black tie occasions (or any celebration for that matter).

The stainless-steel construction combined with the protective mineral crystal dial window makes it long lasting and robust. The Pro Diver collection watches are high performance timepieces. Invicta utilizes quality materials and employs innovative design.

Unidirectional bezel, Tritnite luminous hands and markers, and a date window not only add appeal to your watch they make it more practical and versatile. With 200-meter water-resistance, the Invicta Men’s 8926 Pro Scuba diver automatic watch is among the very best diving watches out there.

At 40mm Invicta Men’s 8926 Pro Diver Collection Automatic Watch is huge for a thin wrist. If you are looking for a big, masculine and strong timepiece, this Invicta Pro Diver watch is what you are looking for. Is Invicta a great watch? It depends on you– your taste, needs, and spending plan. This Pro Scuba diver watch is fairly priced at about 100 dollars.

#2: Invicta Men’s 8928OB Pro Scuba diver Automatic Watch

Invicta Men's 8928OB Pro Diver 23k Gold-Plated and Stainless Steel Two-Tone Automatic Watch

Invicta 8928OB Pro Scuba diver is the watch with elegant appeal and timeless touch. Invicta is best understood for its first-class sports watches. They are likewise known for their unique blend of styling and high efficiency. And the Invicta 8928OB Pro Diver watch is not an exception.

Invicta 8928OB Pro Scuba diver watch functions gold plated luminous hour hands with a sweeping used. The luminous gold tone hands and markers make it appropriate for deep-sea diving. It has a date screen window at 3 o’clock position. And, all of these elements are crammed in a big round stainless-steel case for resilience and more robust feel and look.

The steel stainless bracelet must gold plated center links for more sophisticated finish. It also includes protective mineral crystal dial window and blue unidirectional turning bezel with gold tone markings and coin edge detailing.

This Invicta Pro Scuba diver watch is an automatic winding scuba diver watch. It uses kinetic energy of the user’s arm and doesn’t need battery. But the disadvantage is you have to use it every day to keep it running. Additionally, purchase a watch winder.

The robust design, high water resistance as much as 200 meters, and uncluttered dial with luminous hands and hour markers make it ideal diving watch.

#3: Invicta Men’s 8926OB Pro Diver Coin-Edge Auto Watch

Invicta Men's 8926OB Pro Diver Stainless Steel Automatic Watch with Link Bracelet

Trying to find a guy’s watch with advanced design for the upcoming black tie occasion, the Invicta 8926OB Pro Scuba diver watch is for you. The Invicta men’s watch looks manly and sharp. At around $80, this Invicta Pro Diver watch is the best watch for the cash.

As you may know by now that the Invicta watches are the decently priced timepieces with terrific design and remarkable accuracy. And, among the very best watches in their Pro Scuba diver Collection is Invicta 8926OB Coin-Edge Automotive Watch for guys.

At 16 ounces, it feels and is a big watch on your wrist. As the name suggests this male’s watch boasts Japanese Automatic movement. So it winds immediately with the motion of the wearer’s arm. You don’t need a battery.

It includes black dial face, rotating black bezel, luminescent markers, and amplified date window at 3 o’clock position. All these crammed in a stainless-steel case making it resilient and robust. Stainless steel bracelet completes the manly look.

The Invicta Men’s 8926OB “Pro Diver Collection” Stainless-steel Coin-Edge Automatic is water resistant up to 200 meters. This watch features the Invicta 1-year service warranty. If you are looking for a male’s watch with robust design with trustworthy functions, this Invicta Men’s Pro Diver watch is for you. Is this Invicta a good watch?

#4: Invicta Men’s 8932 Pro Diver Collection Watch

Invicta Men's 8932 Pro Diver Collection Silver-Tone Watch Invicta Men’s 8932 Pro Scuba diver is an effective and eclectic watch. This trendy watch boasts expert quartz motion for smooth functioning. Valued as one of the very best models of the Pro Scuba diver collection, the Invicta 8932 is robust and feature-rich.

The Invicta Men’s 8932 Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch is yet another stylishly developed economical “Pro Diver Collection” watch. It has a superior build with traditional appearance and high efficiency. It has unidirectional turning bezel and luminescent hands and markers. It likewise features flame blend crystal with a magnifier– all confined in a 39mm strong stainless-steel case.

With its elegant bezel, black analog dial, and stainless steel case and bracelet, this diving watch is a go to watch and perfect for everyday wear. Invicta Men’s 8932 Pro Scuba diver Collection watch is waterproof to 200 meters. Paired with the Tritnite lumed hands and markers, this timepiece is ideal for deep sea diving.

The Invicta Pro Scuba diver 8932 is very competitively priced. Offered at about $50, this Invicta watch is one of the best guy’s watches under 100. So are Invicta watches great? Not persuaded? Let us see another excellent watch from the Invicta stable.

#5: Invicta Men’s 9212 Speedway Collection Watch

Invicta Men's 9212 Speedway Analog Japanese Quartz Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch The Invicta Men’s 9212 Speedway Collection Chronograph Watch is an ideal dress watch for those who are searching for a budget friendly option when compared to expensive watches. It boasts superior design and durable building integrated with masculine look.

Developed to perfection, this watch includes the white dial with 3 sub-dials, a date function, and gold tone hands and markers. It includes 2 tone design with silver and gold plated bracelet and 18k gold plated stainless-steel bezel.

The Invicta 9212 Speedway Collection chronograph watch for men is the perfect daily watch. With its sophisticated yet neutral tone, this watch can be used with any outfit for any celebration or occasion.

This 39mm watch is water resistant to 200 meters. Along with the Tritnite luminescent hands and markers, such a high water resistance makes it ideal for swimming, snorkeling along with deep sea diving. The Invicta Men’s 9212 Speedway Collection watch is powered by Japanese Quartz movement. Consistency and reliability won’t be the concerns with this Invicta watch for males.

Who Makes Invicta Watches?

Invicta is an American-based watch company. The Invicta Watch Group produces moderately priced guy’s and girls’ watches. Their watches are, as they call, All-American style watches. Invicta don’t produce its own watch movements. They use Japanese and Swiss motions and assemble their timepieces in Florida.

Among the very best watch brands worldwide, Invicta produces quartz, self-winding manual-winding and automated mechanical watches. Best known for its outdoor sports watches, Invicta sees feature numerous functions and extra-large dials.

Invicta produces a vast array of watches. The most popular Invicta’s collection of watches consist of Pro Scuba diver, Subaqua, Speedway, and Russian Scuba diver to name a few.

So, How Good Are Invicta Watches?

Every watch brand makes some good watches and some bad watches. So are the Invicta watches. A few of the Invicta watches are best for everyday wear. These are classy, precise, long lasting, and fairly priced, typically under $500.

On the other hand, specific watches from Invicta collection might cost you in variety of $1000 or more. Once again you get exactly what you pay for. Simply examine it on eBay or Amazon and see exactly what people are stating about Invicta watches.


When once again, are Invicta enjoys excellent? It is safe to state that if you are looking for a watch that is functional, sophisticated, reputable, and durable, Invicta watches are for you. As far as quality is worried, you can be rest assured. You see, every Invicta watch features a 1-year service warranty.

Another important aspect is price. The majority of individuals on eBay, Jomashop and Amazon have a typical thing to say: “Invicta watches are great quality yet reasonably inexpensive.” Bulk of Invicta watches are within the reach of many people’s budget plan and are a few of the best watches under 500. Invicta watches are likewise available in under $200 and under 100 dollar rate range.

In this article, we will just discuss about Invicta watch brand– how great are Invicta watches?

Prior to we choose whether are Invicta enjoys great or bad, let’s take a look at some of the best known watches from Invicta collection. At around $80, this Invicta Pro Scuba diver watch is the finest watch for the cash.

Every watch brand name makes some good watches and some bad watches. It is safe to say that if you are looking for a watch that is practical, sophisticated, reliable, and durable, Invicta watches are for you.