Invicta Pro Diver 9094 Watch Review

The Invicta Pro Diver 9094 has an interesting following — you either love it, or you hate it. It’s had a lot of promotion whether it’s for good or bad, so there’s no denying that it’s a well known watch in the cost effective watch markets. You can typically acquire one for around the $86 mark from Amazon or eBay, so it’s definitely a watch that is cheap– specifically when you consider the movement that’s within it and the surprising quality.

There’s so many out there, so why should the Invicta get so much hate? There’s not near as much hate for the Steinhart Ocean 1, and in my viewpoint they clearly both appearance as much like the Rolex Submariner as each other.

Invicta Men's 9094 Pro Diver Collection Stainless Steel Automatic Dress Watch

My personal viewpoint is that I have no problems using a homage, therefore the Invicta is going to sit happily on my wrist. So let’s take a closer look at it to see if it truly is excellent value at $86.

The Case

The case is the perfect size in my mind, and likewise mimics the Submariner well– being 40mm in diameter. The height of the case is 13mm, so although it’s not the slimmest watch in the world it’s still reasonably structured considering it has an automatic movement in it.

The case has a 200m water resistance rating thanks to its screw-in crown and caseback. This indicates that it’s ideal to be worn snorkeling and shallow diving. Okay for the rate really. I’ve dipped mine in the sea simply to make sure that it is water resistant and no wetness got in the case which was excellent!

The case has a range of finishing, namely a brushed top of the lugs, and sleek everywhere else. The brushed finish is a little rough and you can tell that it’s not the finest quality finishing, however thankfully it’s only on a little quantity of the watch. The polished finish is excellent nevertheless, with a mirror-like look and no tool marks apparent anywhere.

Invicta Pro Dive Watch Back

Down the side of the case opposite the crown, the word “Invicta” is etched rather remarkably deep. Now, I’ve constantly been a bit put off by this — I’ve always thought it was a bit brash and awful. It’s really inscribed with unexpected depth and precision– usually I ‘d anticipate some inexpensive looking laser etching here but this is proper engraving.

Surrounding this window is the name and different watch specifics, such as model and maker names, water resistance and stainless steel. Simply like the Invicta down the side of the cases, these are all remarkably deeply personalized and offer a feeling and look of quality that you wouldn’t expect at this price range.

The screw-in crown has the center of the winged logo embossed on it, which is a cross within a square. Once again, I wouldn’t have expected this and it is a nice plus. The crown is polished to match the side of case, and is finished to a coordinating standard. The only thing worth noting about the crown is that the thread is a little dubious and can take a little bit of messing to capture it to screw the crown back in. This is a bit of a concern for me as it feels like it could thread at any minute. It’s shown to be okay so far so hopefully it never will. The grip of the crown is excellent, deep and well machined.

The crown guards extend halfway up the crown, providing an affordable quantity of defense from glancing blows. They smoothly extend from the side of the case, with a mild sweep that stems from the really idea of the lugs.

The bezel insert is a beautiful deep blue to match the dial– although it is a little lighter. The markings on the steel insert are a standard affair, based upon the classic Submariner design. The markings are all fairly precisely performed. The lume pip is located at 12 within a small triangle and is neat, neat and excellent strength– to match the lume on the dial.

Invicta Pro Dive Watch Amazon

There is a minor knurling around the leading edge of the bezel to assist grip whilst utilizing it. The mechanism does sound a little on the inexpensive side when you’re turning the bezel, although the action is reasonably smooth and lines up well. The edging of the bezel is polished to match the bulk of the case.

Sitting atop the case is a mineral crystal. On a watch that costs so little it’s quite hard to find anything with sapphire, so in the case of the Invicta Pro Diver, mineral crystal will be enough.

The magnification works well (often on the inexpensive Chinese watches they do not really do anything), resizing the window to around 1.5 x.

I’m very surprised over the quality of the case. The only downsides actually are the mineral crystal, however on a $86 watch, the Invicta Pro Diver, this would be extremely unusual to have, and the sensation of the crown threading.

The Dial

The dial on the 9094 is a deep, dark blue. It has a slight sunburst effect to it too, plus it has a refined surface to it, thus it appearing reflective rather than matte. This develops a pleasant lighter reflection that rotates around the dial depending upon the angle.

I always like a good applied logo, and the Invicta Pro Diver isn’t too bad. The logo design is made of two-pieces, with the primary winged icon located above the Invicta name, also used.

The applied hour markers are relatively unimaginative, again copying the Submariner. The hour markers are all lume filled and have a refined border, reflecting the light as well as the logo and hands.

Invicta Pro Dive Watch Review

The hands are your standard Mercedes hands (make good sense as its a Submariner homage), but the 2nd hand’s counterweight has its own little twist, that being it is the winged Invicta logo design. This counterweight logo is made with great accuracy and is pleasantly neat and tidy even under the macro lens– which is much better than what I was anticipating. Near completion of the seconds hand is a lume filled disc so you can see the pre-owned in the dark. The minute hand is a pretty baton, with a pointed pointer and thinner base, the entire length lumed. The hour hand’s highlight is, naturally, the Mercedes logo design simply previous half-way up the length of it. It’s entirely lumed and all the hands are a perfect sleek surface to match the reflective homes of the dial itself, logo design and hour markers. When they all catch the light together, the dial really illuminates.

When you think about it, most watches under the $150 mark typically have extremely bad lume that does not charge well, or glow with any particular strength. The lume on the Invicta is absolutely strong enough to rival the Seikos in the very same price range, such as the SKX007– and that’s saying something. It charges quickly, even just from a few minutes of direct sunshine, and it glows intense and strong.

The printing in general on the dial is fine and crisp. We have a little and fragile minute track around the outer edge, made of thin white dashes. At the foot of the dial are the words “Japan mov’ t”, and in the center of the bottom half is “automated, professional, 660ft/ 200m, water resistant”. It’s all well printed and is completely understandable on the reflective dial.

Generally I ‘d prefer to see some sort of border to it, but this is not generally the case with Submariner homages with a magnifying cyclops. From which I can see, the edging of the window is cool and well machined. It has an extremely slight chamfering to it which is an excellent solution to keeping it looking refined.

Simply like the case, the dial supports my growing appreciation for this watch. It’s showing to be quite flawless in all aspects, as well as exceeds my high expectations. The dial is made incredibly well for the cost, and the strong lume is the cherry on top.

The Bracelet

The bracelet is a very appropriate and affordable 20mm large at the lugs, lowering to 18mm at the buckle. This offers a smart appearance, whilst still supplying an appropriate amount of heft to produce a quality feel to the watch whilst on the wrist.

The bracelet has a refined center link with brushed side links which are polished at each end. The finish of each link is excellent, the brushed side links being consistent. They appear to be better quality than the tops of the lugs on the case. The center link is well polished too, matching the mirror-like look of the case.

The back of each link is totally brushed, providing a soft and comfy wear in the wrist. The word Invicta is also etched in the center of the back of every link which is a good and uncommon touch which isn’t truly essential, however is pleasing to see and shows a little bit of thought and effort entered into the making of the bracelet.

The buckle is double locking, which is through snapping the it shut then securing the flap over the top. It is brushed with the complete Invicta logo design etched in the center of the top, once again to a depth and accuracy that is quite an enjoyable surprise. The brushed finishing is a little light, so it might mark quickly and get some desk diving scratches relatively rapidly.

The elbow section of the buckle is a little weedy, but is okay when it’s closed, as it’s quite streamlined and fits close and comfortably beside the wrist.

The primary negative about the bracelet is the hollow end links. The only caveat here is that they manage to fit the case rather well, good and tight. So it does not look so inexpensive and flimsy from above, only underneath where you can see the folded steel and hollow area.

Whilst there is a number of issues here, all in all its a fairly competent bracelet which fits the case and wrist well and is extremely comfortable. It doesn’t in fact look that bad on the wrist, so the hollow end links and light buckle do not actually trigger a huge concern unless you’re closely checking it in your hands.

The Movement

The movement within the Invicta Pro Diver is the legendary Seiko NH35A SII. This is an extraordinary movement to have in a watch that you can get for $86. This movement can typically just be found in watches costing above the $250 mark, such as the Melbourne Watch Co Parkville, G Gerlach Orzel, and the Gruppo Gamma A-41.

It’s based upon the conventional Seiko workhorse movement, but has a few upgrades. It’s acquired a really excellent track record of being highly precise right out the factory and is also super trusted.

It performs at 21.6 k bph (6 ticks per second) and has 24 jewels. Other interesting features are that it winds in both directions (rotor spinning clockwise and anti-clockwise), has hand wind capability and a hacking seconds hand.

Invicta Watch Side

It’s also pretty good looking thanks to the custom-made printed Invicta rotor. Once again, this is something extremely rare to see on a watch costing this little. The rotor has a pleasant and stylish looking script Invicta Watch Group logo design that truly makes it stick out.

I’m quite chuffed to have this movement in this watch, and so should you. The Invicta Pro Diver is potentially one of the least expensive watches to house it.

The Competition

Let’s think of alternative automated diving watches around this price variety. There’s just two that stand out in my mind– the Orient Mako and the Seiko SKX007. Both of which are more costly.

The Orient Mako really is a star in the inexpensive market– it’s got fans everywhere, and appropriately so. It has an in-house movement (but no hand winding capabilities), fantastic build quality and smart appearances for around $183. It has a mineral crystal like the Invicta. So I think this is an excellent option if you want a similar quality  watch as the Pro Diver but are not too fussed about the Submariner homage and would like an original design.

The Seiko SKX007 is absolutely not a Submariner homage, it’s a lot more casual and practical than both the Mako and the Invicta. It has an equally big following, and it truly is a tremendous watch for the cash– although it is $230. It looks fairly conventional in photos, in the flesh you can see that it’s really well made. It has a lower movement than the Seiko, in fact its the movement that the NH35A in the Invicta is based on. Which implies it does not have hand winding ability nor does it have a hacking seconds hand. It has a hardlex crystal though, which has the tendency to be thought as a level up from mineral but not as excellent as sapphire. It’s likewise a ISO accredited scuba diver.

Let’s be real, these two are quite possibly 2 of the finest value dive watches offered right now so you’d be fine picking any of them.

Final Remarks

Apart from the reality that it’s a Submariner homage, I can honestly see no reason to not like the Invicta Pro Diver 9094 as a watch. Outstanding movement, surprisingly excellent construct quality (apart from the hollow end links) and pretty great lume make this a winner in my eyes.

To be totally sincere, simply like I felt with the Seiko SKX007, I’m a bit disappointed that I’ve waited this long to get acquainted with it. It’s quite hard to discover an automatic watch looking this excellent with this quality of movement (everything else this rate is with a cheaper Chinese movement and is a Parnis or sterile watch).