Find Your Citizen Watch

Every man loves to use a simple yet stylish watch, the main priority of today’s enthusiast is a watch which stands out among various other watches because of its fantastic attributes. Locating the best watch with the greatest features for your hand is not easy but if you’re on a budget you should take a look at a Citizen watch.

This Citizen watch review is meant for someone who is looking to get a watch but hasn’t considered all of the features that they want. Today I’ll list my top 7 Citizen watches and their attributes to help you decide.


Citizen AT9010 52e

This watch is a high performance watch with an entire alloy body, the metal used in the manufacture of this device is stainless steel which gives this apparatus a lustrous glow. This device is fully exceptional because of its design and is entirely unique with all its attributes. It is very simple wear due to its installation clasp which folds over in a way that is fine and simple.


  • This apparatus has a black dial.
  • Efficient Nuclear timekeeping technology
  • A very exciting eternal Chrono A-T
  • Whole Eco Drive Action
  • Efficient solar energy gathering ability
  • Sapphire crystal which is scratch resistant
  • 12/ 24 hour working device time
  • Day/ Date index
  • Caliber E650 Movement

This device has the best timekeeping features, reflective sapphire crystal, water resistant characteristic, stainless steel, world time and various other significant attributes which are the finest points of this device. It really is a completely perfect device with the finest quartz movement from Japanese technology and analog display too. It round shape can at times be a bit uneasy to wear but apart from this the watch is entire watch in almost all the aspects.

This device is among the best watches you might get in it’s price range; its depth is about 12.5 millimeters and is the best option for any guy just looking for a watch.


Citizen Eco Drive AT4010 50E

This is titanium device with great design and dial alternatives; it can be flaunted by a person in outings, parties, meetings and nearly every other occasion. It’s a totally imported apparatus with great designs and intriguing characteristics. There are several positive features of this watch which make it a complete option in more than one way.


  • Round dial
  • Titanium body
  • Sapphire crystal dial window that’s completely anti-reflective
  • Automated timekeeping
  • 12/24-hour daily time choices
  • Perpetual calendar
  • Five time zones availability which is radio controlled

There are various characteristics that add up to this watches value; you receive the best anti-reflective sapphire, titanium body, 13 cm thick body and many other characteristics that turn it into a deal that is very intriguing. This device is very attractive but can get a little uncomfortable to wear if you have smaller wrists.

This watch has some great features which make it one of the greatest devices available, and you’re sure to be getting a deal at this price.


Citizen BJ7000 52E Nighthawk Eco Drive

This device is a classy and sleek apparatus which can fit into your hands in a nice and easy fashion. This is a classic looking watch that can be an excellent addition to nearly all the collectors and their groups, it has the greatest timekeeping alternatives, and the device is highly efficient on its timekeeping capabilities. Its stainless steel body also adds to its appeal, and you are certainly getting the greatest value for your cash when you go for this device.

There are many impressive specifications which make it a fantastic watch and those attributes are as follows:

  • Stainless steel body
  • Attractive interior dials
  • Low light visibility choice
  • Double time option
  • Charge index option
  • Power saving option
  • Scratch-resistant glass
  • Non reflective mineral crystal glass

This is an extremely efficient and effective apparatus with some of the greatest features like the dual time option, the non-reflective glasses that are, scratch resistant body and various other features which make it an excellent choice. This watch is definitely one amazing device, the only downside is it does not have radio controlled time.

This device is a classic and is good looking from inside in addition to all parts of its exterior, the apparatus appears and functions in a way that is balanced and effective.


Citizen AT8020 54L Angels Eco Drive

This watch is a modern and fresh looking apparatus, it is has an entire metal layout composed of Stainless Steel, and it also has an Eco-Drive Watch which makes it value for money device. It is very comfy to the hands and is an attractive looking device with an efficient system.

This watch has some very interesting choices which make it a really valuable device to most men.


  • Round dial
  • Three chronograph sub dials
  • Quartz movement technology along with analogue screen
  • Anti-reflective sapphire dial window
  • Water resistant up to 660 feet
  • Eco Drive technology

This watch is an extremely efficient apparatus having a high number of choices; it has the best sapphire glass which are totally anti-reflective, an analog screen and many more features which make it a great watch. My favorite part of this watch is the way it look, what a watch!

It really is a good looking device with attributes that are quite exciting, and other important options such as the nice sapphire glass make it a very desired watch for every person and should be on your watch priority list.


Citizen BM8430 59E Eco Drive

This is a modern watch with some classic touches to it; this apparatus is highly classy and looks glossy on every hand. This apparatus uses some of the most modern technologies and has some of the greatest attributes which make it one of the finest watches obtainable in today’s date.

There is an assortment of features which make it an exciting alternative and those attributes are as follows:

  • Eco-drive technology
  • Sleek and slim design
  • Quartz movement ability
  • Stainless steel body
  • Analog day and date display
  • Water resistant up to a depth of 100 meters
  • Low charge indication
  • Mineral crystal window for the dial
  • Solar recharge option

There are various attributes which make this device a success story and amongst the various features the most significant feature is the Eco-drive feature that puts it above most other watches. Aside from the Eco-drive charge features the watch also has a slender apparatus which makes it look cool due to its steel alloy body. This is the ideal device in almost all aspects.

This watch is loaded with exciting and interesting characteristics which complete the device’s appeal.


Citizen AT8020 03L World Eco Drive

This is a sporty and useful watch that’s really appealing and energetic with its looks, it has some of the finest dials. You’re sure to make the most of your money if you intend to get this device. This sees various important attributes which can make it a success; it uses all the latest technologies which complete in a fine and simple modern design.

There are some really cool features which make it a very useful device:

  • Eco-Drive Technology
  • Radio controlled watch for perpetual calendar
  • World timer chronograph
  • Automated timekeeping
  • 12/24 hour time
  • Power or charge index
  • Stainless steel blue plated body
  • Non reflective sapphire crystal glass
  • Blue leather strap
  • Water resistant up to a depth of 200 meter

This device is a wholly helpful watch to nearly any guy as it has lots of features which help in making the device look attractive and run in a nice and healthy manner. Its automated timekeeping is very efficient, and this watch is exceptionally accurate. Its colour is somewhat modern but it helps in adding a touch of freshness to this device, and you are sure of getting the best device at the best possible cost.

This watch is not just a looker, it’s a fine device that will last forever.


Citizen BM8224 51E Eco DriveThis device is an entire metal body apparatus which has various interesting features which make it an invaluable and interesting watch; it’s got a great body and a fine bracelet which adds to its charm that is classy. There are various added features available with this device, and the Eco-Drive feature of this watch is the best and most significant alternative which helps in making this device stands out amongst all the watches.

It has some excellent features which include the likes of:

  • Stainless steel that’s two toned
  • Eco-Drive alternative
  • Quartz movement technology
  • Day and date choices
  • Solar charging alternative
  • Lustrous options

This device is thick which can help in enhancing its looks but at times is makes the apparatus slow and is quite slim.

With its set of characteristics, it can be classy and tasteful at exactly the same time and is quite advanced in many ways potential.


My hope is that with these reviews you will be able to look at these watches and find exactly what you’re looking for. In today’s world it’s hard to know which watch to get, which is why it’s so important to know what exactly you need. Figure out where you want to wear a watch and then choose the watch that suits that purpose.