The Citizen Nighthawk might be old news to lots of watch folks out there. It has gotten an adequate amount of focus in its day and been around for several years. But despite that we believed that it had a spot on That Watch Guy, because it’s one of the greatest mass market quartz offerings out there in relation to affordability, worth and great layout. For $297, the Nighthawk delivers in ways that many high-priced watches don’t. It’s characteristics and useful issues, distinctive looks, solid build quality, great water resistance and a solar powered motion that continues 180 days on a complete charge and never needs a fresh battery. Forgetting that it’s a cool looking watch for a second, between the slide rule bezel, the GMT hand and the solar movement, you have 3 prominent characteristics that can in fact be useful on a daily basis.

Citizen Men's BJ7000-52E Nighthawk Stainless Steel Eco-Drive Watch


The Citizen Nighthawk has a 41mm stainless steel case with a lightly brushed finished on the body and around the outer bezel. The case is built of 3-parts, as is typical, but has an extremely distinct outer bezel that houses the internal slide rule. This gives the 12.5mm tall body a somewhat greater perceived height. The principal part of the case have a special form with powerful faceted contours and unpleasant geometry. It’s an intriguing kind that highlights the air travel origins of the watch, and gives it a modern and unique appearance. At 3 and 8 are two crowns, using fundamental time establishing functions and the internal bezel . Both crowns are chunky crown guards and straight cylinder contours with a knurled finish. The knurling provides both exceptional hold and a feel that is satisfying. Both crowns additionally work quite easily and are indicative of an excellent quality construct. The crown at 3 additionally screws down, easing the 200m water resistance, and is adorned with a Nighthawk symbol. The case back is a conventional screw down kind made of steel that is polished. It’s a Citizen Nighthawk symbol in the middle and a really light etching with essential info. The case back could have used a fall more consideration, in my opinion.

The entire appearance of the instance is competitive and tough. Its layout is certainly aircraft though while having an an appearance that is unique it feel too finessed or will not deflect from the dial. If anything, it really does a great job when looking straight on at the watch, as the watch will subsequently seem to be all dial of receding to the background. One thing to notice is that 22mm lugs are pretty close into the body, while this makes the watch fit on the wrist good, it can’t manage heavy or thick /leather NATO straps.


When you talk about the Citizen Nighthawk, you can’t help but spend most of your time talking about the really intensely info-load dial and internal slide rule bezel. It’s a love-it or hate-it kind but you look closer and get used to it as, it becomes quite clear and simple to read. I’ll book talking about the function of the bezel until afterwards, but beginning on the outer edge of the watch you’ve got the angled internal slide rule bezel, which is comprised of a logarithmic scale broken into a ton of mark in white and crimson, including amounts, tick marks and a couple conversion factors regarding fuel and volume. Stepping down to the dial, on the outer most edge you’ve another logarithmic scale that corresponds to the internal bezel’s. Along with the scale there’s a second index that relates to time-space conversion. This place is complex and quite compact, but you can educate yourself to dismiss it when you need to just tell the time, after you get a sense of where it finishes.

The principal hour index is made up of string of mark that are applied that are coated with lume. 1 – 5 and 7 – 11 are rectangular and have a somewhat pointed tip, facing the centre of the dial. At 6 and 12 there are bigger numerals in a somewhat ornamental font. Aesthetically speaking, the hour index, especially the 12 and 6, add some retro appeal that creates a pleasant and good-needed disruption from the strictly informational dial. Lume and the extra height of the mark that are applied also distinguishes them visually from the dial below. Citizen uses a cool azure lume on this watch that’s not pretty weak and quite pleasant to examine. Aside from the roman-sword styled hour and minute hands, the hour index is the lumed part of the dial, so the effect is really quite calm soothing, when the lights are out.

Citizen Men's BJ7000-52E Nighthawk Stainless Steel Eco-Drive Watch

At the centre of the dial is possibly my favourite facet of the watch when it comes to smart ways to arrange info. The GMT index includes two nested arcs that brush about 98 degrees, from 6 – 12, one in white and one in red. Closest to the centre is the white index, which signals from 0 – 12 hours. Encircling that’s the reddish index, which signals from 12 -24. Both index go only a little past their end time to create an overlap region (thus the about 8 additional degrees). To read this set of arcs you take a look at the GMT hand, which is a double-sided hand with plane shaped pointers. On one end the pointer is the other red, white, and the arcs are read by you determined by which side is now over them. These indexes break the symmetry of the dial up and condense some of the info on the dial. In doing so, it helps further coordinate each piece of info on the face, making for an easier at-a-peek read. The small-double functions a function, headed GMT hand is, in addition, simply an excellent layout that appears great and adds a little style.

The nested arcs also open up place on the right centre of the dial, where there’s a Citizen Eco-Drive emblem, a Nighthawk emblem (as both a symbol and written out), and text indicating the water resistance. At 3 there’s a date window, which has a white edge. The date cd underneath is white with black text. The extra comparison helps with legibility while that’s the inverse of the remaining portion of the dial, which will make dates stand out too much, given the number of mark around it. The dial itself is a polish black that’s a little purple tinge to it, which I consider is because of the solar energy gathering surface. The quality of the dial is impeccable. The print, which gets quite good at points, is clear and sharp and the applied mark, which add a drop of feel that is essential, are immaculate.

The Citizen Nighthawk CharacteristicsCitizen Men's BJ7000-52E Nighthawk Stainless Steel Eco-Drive Watch

The Nighthawk is an extremely full-featured watch, designed as a tool for aviators, but is also convenient for traveling. The most fundamental characteristic, apart from date and time, is the GMT function. This lets you to have two time zones signified on your own watch. On the Nighthawk, in order to establish the primary time and GMT time individually, you place the crown into first place and by turning the crown away from you, you may make the principal hour hand leap ahead an hour at a time, without touching the minute or GMT hand. The utility of this function is not with reference to traveling and indisputable, maybe your company has a sister office in an alternate time zone and you must keep tabs on when they’re not closed. Or maybe you don’t need to call also late…it’s quite simple to think of scenarios in which this problem can be convenient and have family abroad.

The other main characteristic of the Citizen Nighthawk is definitely the slide rule bezel. I’ll be fair, before getting my hands on this Nighthawk I hadn’t ever used one of these, and at first it me somewhat. There actually is lots of info that does everything from converting units to suggesting how long it takes to go X space to fundamental division and multiplication at X rate. And on the best way to use it with no guide, isn’t just intuitive. However, with a tiny bit of research one can learn the how to, then understand just how practical of a characteristic this is to have on a watch. Thus, to give you contained a little video showing you the most fundamental functions of the slide rule: multiplication, division, conversion of spaces, in addition to one practical real life use. For jobs that are more complex, I urge scouring youtube, as there are lots of educational videos there.

Bracelet & Wearability

The Nighthawk comes on a stainless steel bracelet that’s astonishingly pleasant. The bracelet has a typical 3-link Oysteresque layout, but rather than having a relatively flat profile, it’s a pretty remarkable tear-shaped profile. This creates a kind of rolling surface over the top of the bracelet that’s a feel that is very fine. Since the surfaces are essentially rounded, they pick up and reflect light in ways that are fascinating, that while not being showy has a particular nature that is cosmetic. The build quality is adequate enough, it doesn’t feel light or economical, but at the exact same time doesn’t feel like a costly bracelet. It definitely is well built to hold up in day-to-day wear for quite a while. The clasp is very secure and has a double locking system comprising a typical branded fold-over then, and lock a two-button installation mechanism.

As I mentioned before, the lugs are thick or too close into the body to allow for especially thick straps /leather NATO straps. I managed to get a classic styled leather Hirsch I ‘ve on to it, which has an extremely pleasant effect. The reddish brown leather plays nicely of the occasional red markings on the dial, and the comparison off white stitching functions with the remainder. I believe this is an essential choice as it gives it a more casual appearance that also refers to an aviator watch design that is timeless. Given extreme technical dial and the total sportiness, the leather works to make the watch more easy to wear in more circumstances.

Citizen Watch Review

The watch wears. At 41mm it’s a comfortable moderate-big size, but given its -dial layout, it seems considerably bigger and actually stands out on the wrist. The faceted layout of the case matched with the advice intensive dial give the watch a pretty competitive manner that can be quite eye catching. Actually, this watch has garnered more interest than most of my watches from people around me. Given the manly lines, great build, daring dial and 200m water resistance, this is an excellent choice for wearing in active scenarios, but it keeps a degree of refinement making it welcome at the office and other less occasional positions.


There are many reasons why the Citizen Nighthawk is an extremely tempting watch to possess. It’s abundant with useful features like a slide rule bezel and a GMT hand. It’s appearances that are modern, exceptional and eye catching. It’s well-built, has a fine bracelet, great lume and is solar-powered. The Nighthawk comes in at only $297, although at this point, I’d say that these qualities would warrant the purchase of a watch costing a lot of cash. If you travel frequently and are seeking a reasonable watch to put up with your jet setting, in case you are active and need an intriguing and distinct appearing sport watch, if you need a modern styled aviator to add to your set without costing too much, the Nighthawk might very well be just what you’re searching for.